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George Walsh Body Bulk Course: Bodyweight Type Training

George Walsh BODY-BULK course is a bit of a forgotten classic in the physical culture world, caused in part by the most widely circulated copy being of very poor quality. Thanks to the loan of a pristine copy by an enthusiast keen to try out the system, however, Internal Force Fitness are pleased to present a greatly expanded version of the course, with some fresh illustrations alongside the rather ‘sketchy’ originals.

The beauty of the George Walsh Body Bulk course for me is just how HONEST it is, something that is most refreshing;

THIS course is planned for one purpose: to give you, according to your type and age, the highest possible degree of solid body-weight and muscular development.
It will do so – if you have patience, perseverance, and faith.

You will need patience because, as you will learn, physical perfection is not to be achieved simply by a system of magic exercises.

You will need perseverance because some of the rules you must follow may be tedious at first.

You will need faith – in yourself and in me – because this course is not a new and wonderful elixir, but a selection of known and tried methods scientifically collated into one system and adjusted to suit the requirements of different types.

Bodyweight Type Training

It is the ‘type training’ element that gave this course its notoriety, as many other trainers did not acknowledge the role that age and body-type played in determining what results one may see from their exercise endeavors. That said, Walsh does not go into it in THAT much depth, but he does amend the exercise schedules according to your age group and body type, and clues you in as to what results you may REALISTICALLY expect.

Tried and True Exercises

The George Walsh Body Bulk course does not contain any exercises you won’t have seen before, but they are laid out in a progressive format (with a little extra help from me) and with accompanying text that just makes the whole thing make sense. By ‘thing’ I mean the whole physical culture concept, the collective way of life that transcends your workout regimen. Here’s the new illustrations I prepared for one of the schedules:

Timescale to Complete George Walsh Body Bulk Course

It will take you several months to complete the George Walsh Body Bulk course if you do it correctly, but by the end, as I state at the end of the ebook, regardless of how you LOOK, you are going to be in exceptional physical shape. A daily exercise routine (or even every other day to be honest) consisting of pull-ups, dips, incline push-ups, pistol squats, and an abdominal movement will literally work every muscle in your body to a degree unknown to even the most avid gym-user.



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