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Celebrating classic old-school fitness methods that have a vintage physical culture vibe, all updated for modern readers.




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Vintage-style training eBooks focusing on functional strength and health, with workouts and lifestyle advice from some of the world’s original ‘strongmen.’ These are our bestselling vintage muscle workouts.

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Modern Physical Culture Exercises

Simple Bodyweight Exercises

Internal Force Fitness searches the world for modern routines that have a vintage physical culture vibe. The image alongside is from Chinese Radio Exercises: Daily Exercises Fueled by Imagination. The Japanese Radio Taiso routine has approximately 10 MILLION fans!

Radio Tasio Exercises

Ready to throw yourself into the world of simple bodyweight exercises you can do every day? The Radio Taiso exercise routines encourage you to simply focus on your body and personal well-being for 3-5 minutes daily. “Tai” means body and “So” simply means conditioning, so these are Japanese body conditioning exercises – and they work!

Classic Vintage Physical Culture

Vintage Physical Culture | Internal Force Fitness

Classic vintage fitness and health instructions are making a comeback – because they work, and they are INSPIRING! We present the best vintage muscle instructions history has to offer, from such historical strongman heavyweights as Thomas Inch and George F Jowett.

Best Vintage Workouts

‘Classic’ and vintage bodybuilding workouts are making a comeback for exactly the same reason as ANYthing makes a comeback; it turns out our grandparents (and great-grandparents) knew a thing or two about keeping strong and healthy! Internal Force Fitness stocks the best vintage muscle-building workouts that history has to offer.

Daily Exercises for Health and Well-Being

Walter Camps Daily Dozen Exercises Internal Force Fitness

Simple Daily Exercises for Health and Well-Being may have started with the Metropolitan Life program and Walter Camp’s Daily Dozen in the 1920s, but there are a wealth of other programs, ancient and modern, that consist simply of a series of bodyweight movements you can do every day to improve and maintain your health and fitness.

Walter Camp’s Daily Dozen

Walter Camp’s Daily Dozen exercise routine might be 100 years old, but it is still HUGELY popular! No special clothing or equipment is required – just you! Join the Daily Dozen revolution and see why so many people are turning to a 100-YEAR-OLD fitness program to get them out of their funk. A classic vintage physical culture text, still hugely pertinent today!

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