Laughing during exercise session

Making Fitness Fun

Making Fitness Fun Making fitness fun is easy – you just have to start enjoying it! For some people, of course, it is not as simple as that, but that doesn’t mean that fitness can’t BECOME fun by altering how you approach it. Richie, the Internal Force Fitness mascot, has fun when he is exercising. Being a cartoon makes things a lot simpler, however – I literally just have to draw a smile on him, and presto chango = he’s Read More

Leg Raise Abdominal Exercise

Fitness ABC – Abdominal Leg Raise

Fitness ABC – Letter F Letter F in our fitness ABC stands for FOOTBALL! You don’t have to be sporty to do this next exercise in the ABC of Fitness. Although the picture uses a footballer for illustrative purposes, it is just to give you an idea of a REAL WORLD application of this bodyweight exercise. This is simply a standing leg raise exercise that is excellent for your core and midsection. It is going to specifically target the lower Read More

ABC Fitness D for Duck

Fitness ABC – Letter D

Fitness ABC – Letter D is actually for “Der Dampfer” or “Steam-ship”.  For our purposes I think we can refer to it as: Drop your feet down! Leg Raise Exercise This is simply a leg raise (and a leg drop!) exercise – one of the BEST abdominal exercises there is! Lie flat on the floor with arms stretched overhead and toes stretched forward. In this position you should be as LONG as you can possibly be! Image you are a Read More

ABC Fitness Bridge

Fitness ABC – Letter B

Fitness ABC – Letter B Letter B in the fitness ABC stands for BRIDGE. Now normally I don’t deal with exercises that involve getting on the ground, but I’ll make an exception in this case. The Bridge exercise detailed here is going to work your belly, butt, hips, arms AND back; in other words, it is a real all-rounder! Bridge Exercise Those of you familiar with yoga or Pilates may be saying “that isn’t the bridge – that’s the reverse Read More