Old School Strongman Training eBook Collection

Old-school strongman training should have only one source: An old-school strongman! Few were stronger than Thomas Inch.

From Britain’s Strongest Youth to Britain’s Strongest Man, Thomas Inch made a career out of being a strongman, so his strongman training instructions should not be ignored.

Although most famous today for his ‘unliftable’ Inch dumbbell, his many writings on exercise and physical training contain a wealth of valuable information for the modern-day physical culture enthusiast – or the person who just wants to get STRONG using old-school strongman training methods.

Old-school strongman training
This is one of the best ‘headers’ from any course that I own!
  • Do you want to improve your HEALTH?
  • Do you want to increase your STRENGTH?
  • Do you want to develop MUSCLE?

Look no further than:

Prof. Inch’s Perfect System of Physical Culture for the Improvement of Health, Increase of Strength, and Development of Muscle!

When you’re one of the 20th Century’s premier strongmen and Physical Culturists, you can get away with calling your system the “Perfect System of Physical Culture.”

Thomas Inch Strongman Training Bundle

Thomas Inch Old School Strongman Training Bundle

The Thomas Inch Old-School Strongman Training Bundle consists of six hard-to-find books and courses from the prolific writer on all things strength, Thomas Inch.

From Britain’s Strongest Youth to Britain’s Strongest Man, Thomas Inch made a career out of being strong and trying to get other people strong too!

As with all the books on Internal Force Fitness, this will be a NATURAL strength, built on solid foundations.

When you’re doing your old-school strongman training, however, you don’t want to limit yourself to just ONE source. Luckily, Internal Force Fitness and Thomas Inch himself, have you covered!

Old-School Strongman Training eBook Bundle

Your old-school strongman training eBook bundle consists of SIX texts, that are going to MOTIVATE, INSPIRE, TEACH and get you RESULTS!

We’ve already discussed Thomas Inch’s ‘Perfect System’ of Physical Culture, an excellent mix of bodyweight exercises, chest expanders, and dumbbells.

Old School Strength Strongman Training with Thomas Inch Poster

But there’s MORE!

Thomas Inch Self-Resistance Course

This system of working one set of muscles against another (i.e. self-resistance) will encourage looseness, suppleness, and, of course, a certain amount of old-school power!

Self Resistance Exercises Muscle on Muscle

I’ve given this course the full Internal Force Fitness treatment, with cleaner images and crisp text, so YOU can concentrate on this old-school strongman training!

Thomas Inch Old School Strongman Training

The course was originally printed on quite poor-quality paper which has naturally degraded over time. Nevertheless, the images are still quite self-explanatory.

Inch made certain assumptions about what a trainee strongman would know, but I have made a few annotations where I feel it is not 100% clear, using modern-day knowledge on what is safe!

WAIT! There’s STILL more!

  • Diet for Health and Fitness by Thomas Inch
  • Inch on Neurasthenia: New Nerves for Old
  • Self Massage for Health (included for use with Inch on Neurasthenia)
  • Strength Secrets by Thomas Inch

I don’t normally reproduce ‘diet’ books, regardless of who the author is. Diet for Health and Fitness by Thomas Inch, however, is going to be an exception, because we can use the word diet to simply mean the selection of food we eat, rather than foods we’ve restricted ourselves to! Simple and sensible advice on eating habits is the best kind of advice – and is ALL part of your old-school strongman training!

The man in the street is apt to become confused and lose interest in a subject which is of vital importance to each and every one of us if too much play is made of technical terms such as calories, proteins, carbohydrates, hydrocarbons, vitamins, albumens, etc., etc.

thomas inch: diet for health and fitness

Early last century many doctors worked on a “nervous energy” model of health – and the notion that we can use up this energy by the way we live our lives. Interestingly for a modern audience, neurasthenia relied to some extent on cultural explanations – such as the growth of city living and office work. Curious to know more? Read ME, Chronic Fatigue & Neurasthenia by Thomas Inch!

When we look at the major characteristics of neurasthenia, we can see why it remains an interesting and relevant subject for discussion;

  • physical and mental fatigue,
  • dizziness,
  • tension headaches,
  • muscular aches and other pains,
  • concentration difficulties, and inability to relax,
  • sleep disturbance,
  • irritability and memory loss.

Of course, today we must rule out any medical reasons for these ailments, but once they ARE ruled out, then looking at our environment, and the toll it takes on our nervous system is (to my mind anyway) an excellent idea!

And finally…

Strength Secrets by Thomas Inch is reproduced here for a bit of fun. On this website, I always try and produce (or reproduce) texts that encourage the enjoyment of exercise. Thomas Inch is an excellent author in this respect; he did not become such a respected figure in physical culture circles by droning on about lifting heavy weights at the expense of all other exercises!

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What is a Strongman?

My personal preference now would be to call them a Strongperson, because why not? But language aside, these courses are not necessarily going to make you a circus strong person, or a competitive strong person, but that isn’t the point.

Old school strongman training involves utilising the tips and tricks of the trade of the old-timers who made strength their business.

Now it is oft argued that these courses were simply money-making endeavors, a skill honed and perfected by Joe Weider some years later. But I don’t take that pessimistic approach. These old-school strongman training courses were designed for the aspiring strongman, the skinny youth, or the out of shape worker. They were designed to CHANGE LIVES and they are still doing that over seventy-five years later.

Yours for health (Inch’s sign-off),

Richie Neville | Founder

Internal Force Fitness