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Thomas Inch Self-Resistance Exercise Course

The Thomas Inch Self-Resistance Exercise Course needs no equipment and can be used as:

  • a stand-alone exercise program,
  • a change from using strands (chest expanders) or weights,
  • an addition to your current program.

If you ARE on an expander or weights course, then Inch advised including about half of the included exercises during each workout session and the remainder next session, or do self-resistance as a morning workout and use your equipment at night.

There are just SIXTEEN exercises in the course, all illustrated by a slightly aged (but still impressively developed) Thomas Inch himself.

Here is the image that accompanies exercise 6 as an example of what to expect:

Thomas Inch Self Resistance

Some of the exercises were a little ‘light’ on descriptive instruction, so I’ve expanded on Inch’s text where I feel necessary, but it’s pretty easy to pick up.

About Thomas Inch

From Britain’s Strongest Youth to Britain’s Strongest Man, Thomas Inch made a career out of being strong. Although most famous today for his ‘unliftable’ Inch dumb-bell, his many writings on exercise and physical training contain a wealth of valuable information for the modern-day physical culturist.

This system of working one set of muscles against another (i.e. self-resistance) will encourage looseness, suppleness, and, of course, a certain amount of power!

Internal Force Fitness

I purchased a shoebox full of ‘vintage body-building courses’ some years ago, the collection of a young man who had sought to better himself through mail-order exercise programs.

Along with a Charles Atlas course, was this excellent little self-resistance course from Thomas Inch.

Self Resistance Exercises Muscle on Muscle

At Internal Force Fitness I always try to provide the tools for people to just have a go at exercise. You don’t need weights, or any kind of equipment, just a willingness to try, and a positive mindset.

As with ANY kind of exercise, please be careful if you have a go at these exercises, and if in any doubt, please consult your doctor for advice first.

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Richie Neville | Director 
Internal Force Fitness

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