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Diet for Health and Fitness

Diet for Health and Fitness is another glorious little title from that giant of physical culture, Thomas inch. The original booklet came in at 31 pages, but, as always, I’ve given the formatting a bit of a sprucing up and the PDF comes in at 46 pages.

I don’t normally reproduce ‘diet’ books, regardless of who the author is. Diet for Health and Fitness by Thomas Inch, however, is going to be an exception, because we can use the word diet to simply mean the selection of food we eat, rather than foods we’ve restricted ourselves to. Indeed, Inch himself states;

“Too many people become fad ridden and, with their minds obsessed with the value of their pet theory … obtain large numbers of followers who do not even stop to remind themselves of that saying, old as the hills, that “What is one man’s meat, etc…”

This 46-page PDF reproduction starts with the general advice that:

Most people eat too much.

From there we move on to:

  • Commonsense Dietetics
  • Exercise and Digestion
  • Alcohol and Health
  • Our Daily Bread – the Staff of Life
  • Suggested Menus
  • Luncheons Prepared at Home to be Eaten at the Office

A word of warning, as I mentioned in the Inch of Neurasthenia reproduction, Inch was VERY partial to Hovis bread and Bovril.

While I do encourage you to be sceptical of some of the advice regarding bread with every meal, take a look at this section and tell me it doesn’t make sense:

This little booklet has placed the city typist in a position to exchange the non-nutritive meal of tea, white bread and jam (conducive to anaemia) for buttered Hovis, with lettuce, celery or a tomato, small piece of cheese, a glass of milk, when, hey presto, she is immediately properly fed and capable of far greater endurance and able to turn out better quality work, to better appreciate the joy of living.

I’ll leave you with a final thought from Inch, one I definitely agree with:

The man in the street is apt to become confused and lose interest in a subject which is of vital importance to each and every one of us if too much play is made of technical terms such as calories, proteins, carbohydrates, hydrocarbons, vitamins, albumens, etc., etc.”

NOTE: While Bovril and Hovis are still readily available today (basically, good quality wholemeal bread and a meat extract paste similar to yeast extract) I urge you to concentrate on Inch’s broad suggestions and ideas rather than the beefy bread execution!

Richie Neville | Director

Internal Force Fitness


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