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Victor Records Health Exercises: a Vintage Daily Dozen

A bit of fun from the archives, this was a 3-record set from RCA Victor back in the early 1920s. Apparently, this was the ‘Charles Collins’ exercise program, and although I can’t find any extra information about him, I think he knew his stuff.

Victor Record Health Exercises Vintage Daily Dozen Set
I’ve picked it to reproduce not to highlight how different things were back then, but how much they are the SAME. I’ve had to sacrifice a little image quality for readability, but they remain super easy to follow:

Victor Record Exercise 3

There are 12 exercises (a round dozen has always been the go-to number it seems), and you stretch, bend, twist and squat. There really isn’t much more your body can do than that!

I’ve included the original text and a review of each exercise, but remarkably have made very few changes, just the odd suggestion.

Go on, have a go at Victor Record 18916 AKA (from now on anyway) Charlie’s Dozen.

Richie Neville | Director
Internal Force Fitness


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