Radio Taiso Exercises

Radio Taiso is not really the best title for this set of exercises, as it is a descriptor that only really makes sense to Japanese people. They are ‘radio’ exercises only in that the music to exercise to is played on the radio; the exercises/movements are done from memory having being learned (usually) in the school system.

A better title might be:

Body-weight exercises for health & fitness

You get the idea – it is a freehand exercise system that requires no special equipment and doesn’t take up a lot of space. Why do I still call it Radio Taiso then? Honestly, because I like it!

Top Ten Benefits of Radio Taiso

The top ten benefits that radio gymnastics can bring to the body:

  1. It allows the brain AND muscles to relax.
  2. Can improve heart and lung function, while also promoting blood circulation, thereby enhancing the function of most of the organs in the body.
  3. Can reduce feelings of fatigue, and make you feel more energetic.
  4. Can improve posture, and make muscles stronger.
  5. Can draw a line under the stresses of the day and encourage a good nights sleep.
  6. If teamed with more strenuous exercise, doing these exercises can help avoid muscle strains.
  7. Doing radio exercises immediately after work helps relieve temporary mental fatigue caused by stress (or in other words the RAAAAAAGHHH after work!).
  8. Sticking with it will enhance physical fitness and help prevent illnesses brought on by stress and fatigue.
  9. Can enhance coordination and rhythm.
  10. Performing radio exercises to any sort of music is good for your MENTAL health.

Trying Radio Taiso:

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