How to Build Big Arms

How to Build Big Arms is a question asked possibly more than it should be. Not everyone wants big arms – for some people exercise is just a means to keep fit and healthy, and size is a secondary consideration, if considered at all.

There is something about a large upper arm, however, as Edward Aston explains:

There is a general pride in possessing fine limbs and, in particular, well-developed arms, and even in this, most prefer to show a good upper arm to that of the forearm.

How to Develop Massive Arms by Edward Aston

Edward Aston – known as the Prince of Strength Athletes – was Britain’s Strongest Man for over TWENTY YEARS, so knew a thing or two about strength. In other words, we can assume he knew how to build big arms!

The book I’m talking about today: How To Build Massive Arms, was written in the 1930s (at a guess, as Aston talks about Ronald Walker as being a ‘current’ champ), but is very relevant to the 21st Century workout enthusiast. Take the aim of the exercises to build arms for example:

[I]nformation will be given for the development of massive arms: arms that bulge when in a state of contraction, but rounded and shapely when in repose.

How to Develop Massive Arms by Edward Aston

A ‘rounded and shapely’ aesthetic is very much on-trend (not that it should ever have stopped) as it shows you are fit, healthy, hydrated, and NATURAL.

Ronald Walker – Strongman of the 1930s & 40s namechecked in the book

How to Build Arms for What?

A topic that Aston covers that is perhaps overlooked elsewhere, particularly by people who are looking to sell their own ‘system’, is that different types of arm exercises, using different types of apparatus, are going to build different types of arm muscle.

There are divergent opinions as to whether resistance by weights (Bar-bells, dumb-bells, and the like) is better than any other kind. Some swear by resistance as provided by spring or rubber developers; some by self-resistance; others by body-weight resistance, and quite a lot of muscle-control contortions… I have seen big arms developed on all these systems, and there is nothing to choose between them when it comes to gaining size. There is a great difference however, in the strength that is developed by the different systems, and it is here that I must utter a word of warning.

The warning is this: If you wish to gain strength in proportion to size, then you must discriminate between the systems mentioned.

The various systems enumerated give entirely different kinds of tone to the muscles. For instance, you can develop weight-lifting tone, chest expander tone, muscle control tone, etc. They are all different, as different as chalk from cheese.

How to Build Massive Arms by Edward Aston

In other words, to the discerning eye, it will be visible which exercise system you have used in order to build your big arms. Not that this will matter to most people, a big arm is a big arm, but it is worth giving some thought as to whether your big arm is USEFUL.

  • Does it make you strong?
  • Does it make you fast?
  • Does it make you feel good?
  • Is it connected to a strong shoulder?
  • Is it symmetrical?

How Can a Big Arm Make You FEEL Better?

How can a big arm make you feel better I hear you ask? Man or woman, young or old, a firm and rounded upper arm is a sign of strength and health – and this is something you can FEEL (as well as SEE when you look in the mirror come to think of it).

You can feel it in the clothes that you wear, and in the confidence it will give you.

Not to say of course you shouldn’t work to balance arm development with other body parts (chest, shoulders, legs, etc.) – strong arms on a skinny out of shape body aren’t going to feel good.

So to answer the question of how to build big arms, I suggest you take a look at How to Build Massive Arms by Edward Aston, available in the Internal Force Fitness shop HERE.

The instructional part of the book is split into the following:

  • Slow Weight-Lifting Movements
  • Body-Weight Method
  • Expander Movements
  • Wall Exerciser Movements
  • Self-Resistance Movements
  • Muscle Control
How to Develop Massive Arms Aston
Illustration from How to Build Massive Arms by Edward Aston

What are you waiting for – do you want big arms or MASSIVE ARMS?

Richie Neville | Founder

Internal Force Fitness