One Minute Fitness

One Minute Fitness in Zero Space

One Minute Fitness in Zero Space One minute fitness in zero space sounds like a ‘click-bait’ article title doesn’t it? And it is a little bit of course, the 100% accurate description of what I’m going to show you would be: 3 moves to make you feel better that take under a minute and need practically no space to perform. Not quite as catchy as “One Minute Fitness in Zero Space” though is it? So apologies for that, but those Read More

Slow Fitness Exercise Program

Slow Fitness Exercise Routines

Slow fitness is the perfect term for the exercise routines I promote here on Internal Force Fitness. Coupled with ticking all of the boxes for a ‘movement diet‘ I’m delighted that more people are looking to slow things down, but actually do MORE. What is Slow Fitness? As far as I’M concerned slow fitness is moving around just hard enough to get the blood flowing, lubricate the joints, and put them through their full range of motion. In fact, just Read More

Morning Exercise Routine

Morning Exercise Routine

A morning exercise routine is something to be embraced, not dreaded or feared! Why then are so many of us unwilling or unable to do something that has proven health benefits, takes so little time to do, and which just makes us FEEL better? After all, chances are you already do that little arm stretch when you first get up in the morning – what do you think your body is trying to tell you?! Depending on where in the Read More

Laughing during exercise session

Making Fitness Fun

Making Fitness Fun Making fitness fun is easy – you just have to start enjoying it! For some people, of course, it is not as simple as that, but that doesn’t mean that fitness can’t BECOME fun by altering how you approach it. Richie, the Internal Force Fitness mascot, has fun when he is exercising. Being a cartoon makes things a lot simpler, however – I literally just have to draw a smile on him, and presto chango = he’s Read More

Chair Exercises for Work

Chair Exercises for Work

Chair Exercises. I came across this series of exercises that can be done while sitting down at work on a hard drive a little while ago, but I’ve been waiting until I had time to go through the exercises before putting it up. It was posted on one of my first fitness blogs about 6 years ago, but I think it remains relevant as many people STILL struggle with fatigue brought about by WORK. The phrase ‘chained to a desk’ Read More

Fitness Booklets

Return of the Fitness Booklet

Fitness booklets NEED to make a comeback! Self-produced pamphlets & fan-zines are quite rightly (in my opinion) already making a huge comeback as people take advantage of super cheap printing, or the abiltiy to find an audience online. They can get their work out there and at the same time circumvent the constrictive ‘rules’ of publishing. I believe there is still a market for the humble fitness booklet, and this is why… Fitness Booklets It used to be that for Read More