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Walter Camp’s Daily Dozen: Daily Exercises for Busy People

Walter Camp’s Daily Dozen workout routine is a program of standing body-weight only exercises devised nearly 100 years ago to give you a ‘running jump-start to the serious work of the day!’

As an adviser to the United States military during World War One, Camp (along with many others) was shocked at the physical condition of the young men brought in for physical examination. He set about devising 12 simple exercises that would be quick, simple, and of equal use to everyone, regardless of size, shape or current level of fitness.

Daily ‘setting up’ exercises such as the Daily Dozen are once more back in fashion and are of particular use to office workers and others who are looking to take the first step in eliminating a sedentary lifestyle.

This edition includes a further 3 exercises that Camp added for the best selling record set. Updated and rewritten with a 21st Century audience in mind, the Daily Dozen is certainly worth another look, and this Redux* edition is the perfect way to join the emerging revival!

*Redux by the way just means brought back or revived – and that is exactly what Internal Force Fitness is trying to do!

Richie, the Internal Force Fitness mascot, is your guide for this set; here he is demonstrating the first three movements of Hands, Hips, and Head.

Other editions:

In the Internal Force Fitness shop, you will see several books under the banner of ‘The Daily Dozen.’

The Daily Dozen by Walter Camp Pamphlet – This is the perfect introduction to the world of the program;

It is best to go back to an author’s own words to understand fully his ideas. This little chapbook allows that chance. Use the opportunity fully and wisely!

A review from the Amazon edition HERE

This REDUX edition is best for actually LEARNING the routine:

This updated version of the Daily Dozen not only provides easy-to-follow language, but also provides detailed graphics for each exercise to ensure that the stretches are done right. For those who are looking for a daily routine that won’t leave you feeling exhausted, one that is designed to improve general health instead of pushing you to some “extreme”, then this is a great book to start with. I would recommend this book to others like me, who want to improve flexibility and strength without being inundated with the typical, agressive body-building language you get with other programs.

A review from the Amazon edition HERE

Fully Illustrated PDF.

Richie Neville | Director

Internal Force Fitness


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