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Science of Weight Lifting by George F. Jowett

Science of weight lifting does not sound like something I would normally cover here at Internal Force Fitness, where I normally focus on gentle exercise and bodyweight only routines. Where there is common ground between the two types of exercise however is the subject of STRENGTH. Science of Weight Lifting is another reproduction of a short typed course that came courtesy of the Body Sculpture Club, and I’m happy for it to become part of the George Jowett Collection.

Science of Weight Lifting by George F. Jowett

Split into four sections, the first covers what I consider personally to be the most interesting:

Weight Lifting is the preferred sport of the strongman, but it is not, as many erroneously believe the preferred body-building system. Body building is one thing and the sport of weight-lifting is entirely another. No person should indulge in this sport who has not previously built his body to the fullness of its natural capacity in strength and muscularity. This is the advice given by every recognized leading authority on physical training throughout the world. This is borne out by the fact that in some countries famous for many strong men and lifters, a person is not allowed to participate in the sport of weight lifting until he has graduated with at least three years of body-building under an approved body-building system. In this manner the individual is protected from injury in indulging in a sport for which he is not physically fit.

Jowett goes on to discuss those who “are the misrepresentative forces of weight lifting facts, and seek only to gouge you for the sake of money.”¬†Basically he discusses how you need a grounding in building your body up naturally¬†before you attempt what is in effect a sport. It may be old advice, but it’s GOOD advice!

Jowett does go into some depth about the three most popular lifts, listed below, and there are, as always, some excellent illustrations.

  • The Two Arm Press
  • The Two Hand Snatch
  • The Two Hands Clean and Jerk

Science of Weight Lifting


Science of Weight Lifting – Leverage Principles:

For those interested in the older lifts and those interested in the concept of strength and weight lifting in general (in other words the science of weight lifting), then this is a great little course. In keeping with the wider ethos of Internal Force Fitness, I urge you to pay attention to the sections on using:

[T]he leverage principles of the human body… if these natural laws of leverage were adhered to, the muscular fulcrum that could be delivered from the muscles in accordance with its bony structure would enable men to utilize their bodily strength in safety to more than double the extent than was evident in those days.

Stay strong!

Richie Neville | Director

Internal Force Fitness


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