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Korean National Health Exercises: Easy

Korean National Health Exercises (or ‘Gymnastics’ to use the actual terminology) is an exercise program developed by the Korean National Sports Promotion Corporation to literally promote the concept of ‘national health.’ As with all of these types of programs, the routine was developed so it could be easily enjoyed anytime, anywhere, and was given a definite update in comparison to older routines to reflect the changes in the lives of modern people.

Somewhat confusingly there is also a ‘basic‘ version, which is actually the slightly advanced version of this ‘easy’ one! This easy routine was developed as a ‘gymnastics’ program for those whose agility, muscle strength, and flexibility may have deteriorated (older people in theory, but not JUST older people). A couple of the exercises differ completely, but otherwise, the exercises in this routine are just modified versions of the ones in the basic routine. Personally, I would learn both (well, I did in fact learn both, but bear with me) because the Basic routine is fun and all, but it’s good for days when you feel good and supple and ready to kick ass. This Easy one is good for EVERY day when you just want to move and stretch and feel good. AND I’m not elderly!!

Here is your guide for this program, and as always the text is 100% original:

Moves in the Easy Korean National Health Routine:

  • Shake and Make…a Supple Body,
  • Reach for the Sky and Never Stop Looking,
  • Spreading Wings,
  • Elbow Extension,
  • Back of Hand Extension,
  • Torso Rotating,
  • Back and Leg Stretching,
  • Front and Back Leg Stretching,
  • Fighting an Opponent & Whirling of Arms,
  • Shoulder Rotation,
  • Torso Twists and Hand Chops,
  • Diamond Blocking,
  • Fist Punching,
  • Kicking,
  • Shoulder Dancing,
  • Whirl Arms and Become One,
  • Cross Leg Stands,
  • Breathing.

Even if you know NOTHING about this routine, don’t those movements sound kinda cool??

As I say there is a Basic version available HERE and you can also read a bit more about the theory behind the routines too.

Richie Neville | Director

Internal Force Fitness.



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