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George F Jowett World Body Sculpture Club Magazine

George F Jowett World Body Sculpture Magazine is not something you can use as a manual to get strong, but it is certainly something that will inspire you!

A master of self-promotion, Jowett nevertheless walked the walk as well as talked the talk, and was described as the “Father of American Bodybuilding.”

This 18 page PDF reproduction of one of the few remaining World Body Sculpture magazines is both a bit of fun and offers tremendous insight into a time when becoming healthy, strong, and ‘husky‘ was desirable!

Here’s a little sample from the section headed Secrets of Saxon:

Where a man raises once a heavy weight all that he proves himself to possess is muscular control and great contractile power, but this does not guarantee sound internal organs not does it prove that a man would come out well in an endurance test.


In case you wonder on reading, it is Jowett (or his copywriter!) who calls Reg Park – Reg Parks. He also claims that Doug Hepburn migrated to Canada from England (as Jowett had done), which is not something I have seen claimed elsewhere.

Are There Any New Exercises?

The World Body Sculpture booklet has a couple of feature articles and this is the title of one of them. You can read the answer to that question HERE, but there are many more goodies inside the PDF!

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