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Exercises for Recovery: The Perfect Core Workout

Exercises for Recovery started life as a booklet published in 1951 under the title: Exercises After Childbirth. While I am not qualified enough to vouch to the efficacy of these exercises for a modern mother, I AM confident that each and every one of these exercises is suitable for an individual looking for a gentle yet effective basic workout program, and, indeed, for anyone recovering from a period of either inactivity or illness. For a modern audience, Exercises for Recovery is a much better fit.

“A qualified physiotherapist describes in simple language, with the aid of thirty-six specially prepared illustrations, a series of exercises designed to restore the perfect posture. Not only will these exercises reduce excessive fat, but they will quickly re-establish morale. A vivid sense of well-being will soon foster a confident attitude of mind.”

While this is a critical review of the original text, I have not made many notes on each section, as the exercises are well presented and described. For that, I give full credit where it is due to Gertrude Behn M.C.S.P (Member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy), former Superintendent Physiotherapist, Newcastle General Hospital. I hope she would be pleased that her work is being preserved and celebrated by a modern audience.

Exercises for Recovery: Exercises You Can Do Lying In Bed

The model in Exercises for Recovery does the program lying on their bed (the assumption being the mother would be bedridden for a period after the birth), and you can too. If your mattress is particularly soft, however, you might like to do the exercises on the floor. Also, while it may be tempting to rush through the workout as it is relatively easy – why not follow the progression as it is written and ease yourself into it nice and slowly.

As a daily routine that can be performed in bed (and for a couple of the exercises, immediately after getting out of bed) I think it is as good if not better than a lot of ‘new’ routines that contain a lot of the same exercises just dressed up in a more complicated way.

Fitness Starts With Posture

Exercises for Recovery also contains one of the BEST illustrations of why fitness needs to start with posture. It’s possible you will see some of your biggest gains by simply learning to stand up straight and engage your muscles in the most effective way:

“There is no reason why, if you follow out the exercises described in the preceding pages, you should not have a figure like the girl on the left (see Fig. 35). If you are tempted to grow slack in doing your exercises, see how even a good figure is spoiled by the bad posture demonstrated in the right hand picture (see Fig. 36). Perhaps you will have found some of these instructions a little difficult to follow at first, but perseverance is well worth while and they all can be mastered.”

Exercises to Recover the Whole Body

When you look at what the female body has to go through to give birth, I think you’ll agree recovery is certainly needed. The areas that are targeted through the exercises in this booklet, however; the core, lower back, and legs, are areas many of us could do with showing a little love and attention to.

As with all of the exercises and workouts that I promote on Internal Force Fitness, these are simple movements, designed to give you maximum results. Please don’t try and double up, or make them more complicated than they are written, as I mentioned earlier just trust in the program and check your results at the end. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Richie Neville | Director

Internal Force Fitness


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