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Chinese Radio Exercises: Daily Exercises Fueled by Imagination

Chinese Radio Exercises is an eBook based on one of the latest sets of Public Broadcasting Gymnastics (or Radio Gymnastics) which are a series of simple exercises that can be practiced without equipment and in limited space. Every day, instructions are ‘broadcast’ on the radio along with a tempo, allowing millions of Chinese people to complete the movements together.

This set of Public Broadcasting Gymnastics includes:

  • A warm-up
  • Upper limb movement
  • Neck movement
  • Chest movement
  • Lower limb movement
  • Whole-body movement
  • Running and jumping.

ALL in under 5 MINUTES (4 minutes, 45 seconds if you were following along to the radio broadcast!)

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These people are performing what I renamed ‘The Wizard’!

What Kind of Exercises are Chinese Radio Exercises?

This set of exercises maintains the characteristics of traditional broadcast gymnastics, but places more emphasis on the coordinated development of the whole body, as well as introducing elements of:

  • Archery
  • Aerobics
  • Martial Arts
  • Shuttlecock kicking
  • Swimming
  • Bowling
  • Modern dance

In other words, rather than traditional exercise ‘movements’ this routine instead calls on you to fire an arrow into the air, or bowl a bowling ball – which is why the sub-heading is Exercises Fueled by Imagination!

Will these exercises make me fit?

These exercises have been the subject of rigorous testing to produce a moderate-intensity exercise routine that has a positive effect on motor skills (in that they require the integration of muscular, skeletal and neurological functions). Each exercise also works a particular range of motion, and thus overall the routine provides good, gentle exercise to all body parts. The large muscle groups are all utilized, lubricating all of the joints in the body, and improving circulatory and respiratory fitness.

The aim of this broadcast gymnastics exercise routine is to improve the operating system of the human body (and aren’t you due an upgrade?).

Remember, in China, this is a public fitness exercise program for all ages and abilities.

  • FUN!!!!

The 4+ minutes of exercise are divided into sections including:

  • Stretching exercises
  • Chest exercises
  • Kicking/Leg exercises
  • Lateral movement exercises (side to side)
  • Whole-body movement exercises
  • Jumping exercises
  • Winding down exercises

The aim is to focus on enthusiasm for exercise and to attract normal people to take part in some form of daily exercise.

Christine is going to be helping you with the Chinese Radio Exercises routine (and yes, she has got a new hairdo since posing for the Radio Taiso book!):

Balance Exercise

Balancing Exercise

My Favourite Exercise Routine

While my exercise habits change daily, this exercise routine, Radio Taiso and Walter Camp’s Daily Dozen are the three that I come back to again and again. It could be that I just want to get SOME exercise out of the way before I have to do other things, or it could be I need to wake up / wind down. I’ve done this routine so many times, it is ingrained in my memory, so I can more or less sleepwalk through it and just ENJOY the feeling of knowing I’ve done some GOOD exercise today – even if I haven’t managed to do anything more vigorous.

Fully Illustrated PDF.

Richie Neville | Director

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