Make Every Day a Day of Health

Make Every Day a Day of Health

Good health is a rich prize – the joy of life. Go after it! Tumble out of bed, and tune in on the Metropolitan Life Health Exercises. They’ll put vim on your muscles, air in your lungs, set your blood-tingling, put an edge on your appetite, and help keep you at your best.

In the interest of its 26,000,000 policyholders, the Metropolitan is making a country-wide fight for the betterment of health. One result is already apparent; since 1911 the average life span of Industrial policyholders of the Metropolitan has increased more than eight years, while for the general population of the United States it has increased less than five years.

The Health Exercises are another Metropolitan move for better health. They link you up instantly with thousands of people who are developing better posture, more strength, better health and better spirits.

Make Every Day a Day of Health

Wow, right? Take an industrial policy with Metropolitan Life Insurance Company and live three years longer than average!! O.K., there are certain parts of these old exercise routines etc. that you must take with a pinch of salt, but let’s look at the other parts of the promise:

  • Vim on your muscles (vim = energy/enthusiasm.) – yes, please!
  • Air in your lungs – yes, please!
  • Set your blood-tingling – actually yes, although let’s go for the more modern ‘get your blood pumping!’
  • Put an edge on your appetite – it’s far better to eat to satisfy hunger than because it’s a certain time of the hour.
  • And help keep you at your best – yes, please!

More than even that though, you become a PART of something, something bigger than just you working out in your living room. You’ve joined a group of people who are developing:

  • Better posture
  • More strength
  • Better health
  • Better spirits

Now I may secretly want ‘big’ muscles as much as the next guy, but you know what, I’ll take those four things instead! In fact, that’s where the Internal Force Fitness motto of “Look Fit by Feeling Great” comes from – the idea that if you simply stand tall, develop as much NATURAL strength as you can, and keep healthy, then you will look AS fit if not fitter than a ‘gym rat.’

In THIS article I mentioned how much I liked the term ‘Physical Efficiency’, and how I thought it gave a much better message to people – this is a similar kind of thing.

How to Keep Fit and Like It

Indeed, throughout the Internal Force Fitness website, I talk about how the MESSAGE of these old courses is so different from those of today. After all, when did you see a fitness routine advertised online whose aim was simply to help keep you at your best?

The Metropolitan Life health exercise chart is one I used to see often online, but of course, there were no instructions to go with them… until now that is. I’ve used a little creative licence to recreate this entire program, including a daily exercise plan. The new book is available in the shop HERE.

Metropolitan Life Health Exercises

Get ready to put a little vim on your muscles with the Metropolitan Life Health Exercises!