Look Fit by Feeling Great

Look Fit by Feeling Great!

I’m not going to work you to ‘failure’ or make you ‘feel the burn.’ The aim of the Internal Force Fitness exercise routines is not to leave you so tired after doing them that you are too tired to do anything else! They are to ‘set you up’ for the day – and boy do they!

Tried, Tested & PROVEN to improve fitness

  • Simple systems of coordinated movements to put your body through its paces.
  • Can all be completed in as little as FIVE minutes.
  • Each routine on average has 8-12 individual movements – logical, flowing & easy to remember.

Things you DON’T need for an Internal Force Fitness routine:

  • Special clothing – Do it in your underwear, do it nude, do it barefoot – just do it!
  • Equipment – YOU are the equipment, so wherever you go, your gym goes!
  • Space – If you can stretch your arms out to the side, and then bring your hands together in front, you have enough space.
  • Time – You’ll be done in five minutes – basically before you’ve had time to make an excuse!