Fitness in Times of Crisis

Fitness in Times of Crisis

Fitness in times of crisis is super important. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking a spiritual crisis, an emotional crisis, or a global pandemic crisis; keeping physically fit is vital to getting you through it in one piece! Many people in these situations become new fitness recruits, realising for the first time how ill-prepared they are for what’s going on around them. Like any new recruit you really need to undergo a period of basic training, and that’s where Internal Force Fitness comes in.

Fitness in Times of Crisis

We’re seeing huge acts of kindness and generosity at the moment with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic (which I personally wish the media would focus a bit more on), and I’m pleased to say I can include the fitness industry in that! Many online courses are now being offered free, or for an extended trial, and lots of trainers are going ‘live’ so people can follow along.

For many people, this will be the first time (barring holidays and sickness) that they have an extended period of time where they are NOT under the daily (or indeed hourly) scrutiny of an employer. My hope for when this is over is for people to have heeded the Governments advice and exercised in their own home, and found enjoyment in taking a local daily walk (which is the advice here in the UK). To take it a step further, however, I would like people to have LEARNED some basic exercises.

I don’t want to name names, but some BIG names in the world of online fitness have made some variation of their course(s) free. Now that’s great, it really is…BUT, not everyone is ready for these courses, regardless of how casually the words ‘beginners’ and ‘modified’ are thrown around. The aim of fitness in times of crisis is to KEEP you fit and STOP you getting ill/injured. I have already seen people speculating on what following these courses would do to their knees and backs!

Fitness is a SKILL to Learn

At Internal Force Fitness I have always encouraged people to approach exercise and fitness like any other skill to learn:

  • Read
  • Understand
  • Have a go

Blindly following along to a video will kinda work, but you’re missing the opportunity to engage with your body, to find out what exercises actually work for you and HOW they actually work. You’re missing the opportunity to turn off the TV, close the book and, sorry, new-age alert, ‘become one’ with the exercise. You’re not going to become a fitness model by sweating in your living room for 3-4 weeks, nor become a Yogi. You’re far more likely to strain something early on, or simply sicken or demoralise yourself by attempting things far beyond your actual NEED.

This lockdown isn’t going to last forever, but right now everyone now has the time to do SOME exercise and Governments are actively encouraging people to do so to stay healthy!

The majority of the exercise routines I have prepared for Internal Force Fitness are actually DESIGNED to keep everyone healthy, even those who are less active or less able than others.  This is a picture of my own workout space – an Ikea rug in front of my sofa. It measures 1.9 meters by 1.3 meters (I always try to recognise most of my readership is American – but it still seems a bit strange to write ‘meters’ instead of ‘metres’!) and I can do every single workout I promote on Internal Force Fitness within the boundaries of this rug.

Living Room Fitness

Fitness BEFORE, DURING and AFTER a Crisis

Fitness in times of crisis works two-fold. Walter Camp’s Daily Dozen originated from a need to help a nation get fit for World War One (and from a dawning realisation the country was just unfit!). The Metropolitan Life workout became the ‘nations’ workout, to help the USA stay fit to work! Fitness in times of crisis can help you THROUGH the crisis, that’s the first part.

While I always try and keep politics out of these routines, many of the Chinese programs were designed to create a sense of single unity and ‘readiness’ among the population – and this sense of readiness is the second part of the puzzle. Fitness BEFORE times of crisis can make you ready for it! And therefore better prepared to FIGHT it! Forget the militaristic nonsense people talk about, focus on YOU and your family being ready for what the WORLD can throw at it. Afterwards, of course, keep the fitness program up and you’ll be ready for the NEXT one.

These exercises were all designed to be EASY. They were all designed to be done by people WHATEVER their current level of fitness. They were designed to be QUICK and most of all they were designed to WORK!

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Richie Neville | Director

Internal Force Fitness