Fitness ABC – Walk Like an Elephant

Fitness ABC – Walk Like an Elephant

The letter ‘E’ in our fitness ABC is for Elephant! For this exercise, you are simply going to replicate the stiff-legged walk of the elephant.

Remember to turn your head as you walk – you’re a HAPPY elephant!

Walk Like an Elephant

Animal Walk Exercises

Animal walk exercises are a thing! Some of you may already be familiar with things like the ‘bunny’ hop or the ‘crab’ walk – although probably from your school days rather than the gym.

Animal walk exercises are making a big comeback with parents and teachers as a way to make exercise fun for kids, as well as the natural by-product of helping develop core strength and healthy muscle development.

Not Just for Kids!

There is no such thing really as an exercise JUST for kids – this is a case in point. The walk like an elephant exercise is more commonly known in ‘adult fitness’ circles as a bear walk – but it is the same thing (although the bear walk tends to be more of a crawl – but it is still a killer move, even for people who consider themselves fit!). And let’s be honest they are both big-ass strong animals!

How to Walk Like an Elephant

Bend over and put both hands on the ground. Now, move your left arm and right leg forward, then the left leg and right arm, then repeat. Turn your head with each ‘step’. Just like in the picture.

For an adult, it is going to be an additional challenge to keep your legs and arms straight, but have a go – you’ll feel this in the WHOLE body.

So, whether you’re an elephant happily out for a walk swinging your trunk, or a bear on the lookout for fresh prey – get walking and get STRONG!