Fitness ABC – Letter C

Fitness ABC – Letter C

Letter C in the fitness ABC stands for Celsius. We’re using the thermometer as a mental image here, and the notion that temperature CLIMBS HIGH and DROPS LOW.

ABC Fitness C for Celsius

Burpee Exercise

I consider this exercise to be a bit of a simplified burpee. A burpee (named incidentally after a person!), is a full body exercise used in strength training and as an aerobic exercise.  This popular (not!) exercise is beloved of gym instructors and trainers because it is a pretty good measure of agility, coordination and strength. This guy makes a pretty good stab at demonstrating a burpee:

After watching that you well say:

But Richie, he kicks his feet back and then jumps into the air. That’s what we do at boot camp, and I hate them…

I’m not overly font of burpees I must admit, but they are a very good full body exercise. But like I said at the beginning, I consider the ‘Celsius’ burpee just another in the long line of burpee variants. A quick look at Wikipedia and you can see there are TWENTY variants listed. Look at the video again: He crouches down, yes? He stretches up, yes? That’s all I’m asking you to do!

Perform the Celsius Burpee

Mr. Celsius stands tall in the sunshine with a great deal of pleasure,
But when it’s cold, and it starts to snow, then Mr. Celsius is very small.

That probably reads better in the original German, but let me break it down for you:

Just like Mr. Celsius, you are going to react to the sunshine by rising and rising as far as you can, stretching up and coming up on to your tiptoes. Then the dark clouds come, the temperature drops and so too does Mr. Celsius! Come down exactly as if you were going to do a burpee – but just don’t kick your feet back.

Ten of these as part of your daily routine will get rid of the cobwebs – and you probably won’t hate them either!