Beat Corona Home Workout

Beat Corona Home Workout Beat Corona Home Workout comes to you via the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation, so a big shout out to them for putting it together. Whatever your personal feelings on the Corona 19 virus are, I hope we can all agree that it would be better not to get it! Or if we DO get it, that our bodies are strong enough to fight back against it. The 9 bodyweight exercises that make up the Beat Corona Read More

Illustrating a Fitness Book

Illustrating a Fitness Book I get asked a lot why I use drawings instead of photographs for the fitness books I write for Internal Force Fitness. There are two answers to that question really: I enjoy doing the pictures I didn’t want to present something people felt they had to 100% copy Everyone moves differently, so the images I present are there to give you the bare bones of the exercise. How you will look doing it is just that; Read More

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Japanese Ikigai Exercises

Japanese Ikigai Exercises Ikigai is a Japanese word which basically means ‘reason for being’ in the sense of answering “what should I do with my life??”. One of the ways to ‘unlock’ your ikigai is with Japanese Ikigai Exercises. It has been suggested that since the concept has its origins in the Japanese island of Okinawa – home to an unusually large population of people over 100 years old – that ikigai may hold the key to both happiness AND Read More