Slow Fitness Exercise Program

Slow Fitness Exercise Routines

Slow Fitness Exercise Routines Slow fitness is the perfect term for the exercise routines I promote here on Internal Force Fitness. Coupled with ticking all of the boxes for a ‘movement diet‘ I’m delighted that more people are looking to slow things down, but actually do MORE. What is Slow Fitness? As far as I’M concerned slow fitness is moving around just hard enough to get the blood flowing, lubricate the joints, and put them through their full range of Read More

Day One Fitness Mindset Getting Ready

Day One Fitness

Day One Fitness There will always be debate as to what the most ‘popular’ fitness program is at any one time, but to my mind, there will always be a clear winner: Day One Fitness. I’ll go into this concept a bit more in the text below, but it all starts with the correct mindset! What is Day One Fitness? Day One Fitness is simply that day that people decide to ‘have a go’ at getting fitter. It could be the Read More

Illustrating a Fitness Book

Illustrating a Fitness Book I get asked a lot why I use drawings instead of photographs for the fitness books I write for Internal Force Fitness. There are two answers to that question really: I enjoy doing the pictures I didn’t want to present something people felt they had to 100% copy Everyone moves differently, so the images I present are there to give you the bare bones of the exercise. How you will look doing it is just that; Read More

ABC Fitness C for Celsius

Fitness ABC – Letter C

Fitness ABC – Letter C Letter C in the fitness ABC stands for Celsius. We’re using the thermometer as a mental image here, and the notion that temperature CLIMBS HIGH and DROPS LOW. Burpee Exercise I consider this exercise to be a bit of a simplified burpee. A burpee (named incidentally after a person!), is a full body exercise used in strength training and as an aerobic exercise.  This popular (not!) exercise is beloved of gym instructors and trainers because it Read More

ABC Fitness Bridge

Fitness ABC – Letter B

Fitness ABC – Letter B Letter B in the fitness ABC stands for BRIDGE. Now normally I don’t deal with exercises that involve getting on the ground, but I’ll make an exception in this case. The Bridge exercise detailed here is going to work your belly, butt, hips, arms AND back; in other words, it is a real all-rounder! Bridge Exercise Those of you familiar with yoga or Pilates may be saying “that isn’t the bridge – that’s the reverse Read More

ABC Fitness Breathing

Fitness ABC – Letter A

Fitness ABC – Letter A The Fitness ABC is brought to you by the wonderful Edi Polz. Polz published many books on gymnastics for the masses in the 1930s/40s, and what marked them out was the sense of FUN he included, utilizing cartoons such as the ones in the series I’m going to begin today. It’s the same sense of fun I try to bring to Internal Force Fitness because fitness should be fun. I will go through the entire Read More