Keep Fit This Winter

Worried about keeping fit this winter? Want to keep the weight off? Stop worrying and enjoy the chance to layer up and have fun! Look at these one-HUNDRED-year-old magazine covers; these girls aren’t pumping iron or worrying about navigating their way to a spin class in the snow! Personally, I think she needs either longer socks or trousers, but each to their own! Physical culture is a term that has been twisted out of shape over the years, and there Read More

Are There Any New Exercises

Are There Any New Exercises?

Are There Any New Exercises? Are there any new exercises? was a question posed by George F Jowett in his World Body Sculpture magazine in the 1950s. His answer is worth publishing verbatim, because even 60+ years later what he said makes a lot of sense. A PDF of the entire mini-magazine is available HERE. Are there any new exercises? By George F Jowett THIS is a question that is frequently asked. So many, particularly the ambitious exercise fans, after Read More

Make Every Day a Day of Health

Make Every Day a Day of Health

Make Every Day a Day of Health Good health is a rich prize – the joy of life. Go after it! Tumble out of bed, and tune in on the Metropolitan Life Health Exercises. They’ll put vim on your muscles, air in your lungs, set your blood-tingling, put an edge on your appetite, and help keep you at your best. In the interest of its 26,000,000 policyholders, the Metropolitan is making a country-wide fight for the betterment of health. One Read More

Morning Exercise Routine

Morning Exercise Routine

Morning Exercise Routine A morning exercise routine is something to be embraced, not dreaded or feared! Why then are so many of us unwilling or unable to do something that has proven health benefits, takes so little time to do, and which just makes us FEEL better? After all, chances are you already do that little arm stretch when you first get up in the morning – what do you think your body is trying to tell you?! Depending on Read More

5BX Exercise Plan

5bx Exercises – Worth Another Look?

Looking for a simple whole-body workout that doesn’t require access to a full gym or even a weight set? Don’t have enough time to work out properly but want to stay in some sort of shape? Instill the habit with a daily exercise program! There is an exercise program for everybody, whether your goal is strength, stamina, weight loss, etc, BUT a simple 11 minutes a day routine, every day, in the home (or wherever you may be) is a Read More

Arm Circle Exercise for Posture and Shoulders

Arm Circle Exercise Which exercise links Billy Blanks, Tony Horton, Shaun T, Debbie Siebers, and (practically) EVERY OTHER fitness professional over the last 100 years? It’s the arm circle exercise for the shoulders (there are other exercises too – but I will get to those in due course). The image below is nearly 100 YEARS OLD! Concerns then were the same as now – the advent of the “modern office” was leading to poor posture, slumped shoulders, a general “hunched Read More