Day One Fitness Mindset Getting Ready

Day One Fitness

Day One Fitness: There will always be debate as to what the most ‘popular’ fitness program is at any one time, but to my mind, there will always be a clear winner: Day One Fitness. I’ll go into this concept a bit more in the text below, but it all starts with the correct mindset! What is Day One Fitness? Day One Fitness is simply that day that people decide to ‘have a go’ at getting fitter. It could be the Read More

Happy Exercise Jumping Jack

Fitness ABC: An Exercise to Make you Happy

The letter ‘H’ in the fitness ABC actually refers to Der Hampelmann which means ‘Jumping Jack.’ A real jumping jack, for those of you that might never have seen one, is the toy on the left of the image below. The arms and legs on the toy are connected by a string, and when you pull the string the arms and legs extend out. The verse that accompanied this image is (roughly) as follows: The jumping jack is happy as a lark, Read More

Chair Exercises for Work

Chair Exercises for Work

Chair Exercises. I came across this series of exercises that can be done while sitting down at work on a hard drive a little while ago, but I’ve been waiting until I had time to go through the exercises before putting it up. It was posted on one of my first fitness blogs about 6 years ago, but I think it remains relevant as many people STILL struggle with fatigue brought about by WORK. The phrase ‘chained to a desk’ Read More

Fitness Booklets

Return of the Fitness Booklet

Fitness booklets NEED to make a comeback! Self-produced pamphlets & fan-zines are quite rightly (in my opinion) already making a huge comeback as people take advantage of super cheap printing, or the abiltiy to find an audience online. They can get their work out there and at the same time circumvent the constrictive ‘rules’ of publishing. I believe there is still a market for the humble fitness booklet, and this is why… Fitness Booklets It used to be that for Read More

5BX Exercise Plan

5bx Exercises – Worth Another Look?

Looking for a simple whole-body workout that doesn’t require access to a full gym or even a weight set? Don’t have enough time to work out properly but want to stay in some sort of shape? Instill the habit with a daily exercise program! There is an exercise programme for everybody, programmes for strength, stamina, weight loss etc, BUT; 11 minutes a day, every day, in the home (or wherever you may be) is a lot easier in the beginning Read More

Walter Camps Daily Dozen Crawl

Illustrating a Fitness Book

I get asked a lot why I use drawings instead of photographs for the fitness books I write for Internal Force Fitness. There are two answers to that question really: I enjoy doing the pictures (and am getting better at them!), I didn’t want to present something people felt they had to 100% copy. Everyone moves differently, so the images I present are there to give you the bare bones of the exercise. How you will look doing it is Read More