Slow Fitness Exercise Program

Slow Fitness Exercise Routines

Slow Fitness Exercise Routines Slow fitness is the perfect term for the exercise routines I promote here on Internal Force Fitness. Coupled with ticking all of the boxes for a ‘movement diet‘ I’m delighted that more people are looking to slow things down, but actually do MORE. What is Slow Fitness? As far as I’M concerned slow fitness is moving around just hard enough to get the blood flowing, lubricate the joints, and put them through their full range of Read More

Make Every Day a Day of Health

Make Every Day a Day of Health

Make Every Day a Day of Health Good health is a rich prize – the joy of life. Go after it! Tumble out of bed, and tune in on the Metropolitan Life Health Exercises. They’ll put vim on your muscles, air in your lungs, set your blood-tingling, put an edge on your appetite, and help keep you at your best. In the interest of its 26,000,000 policyholders, the Metropolitan is making a country-wide fight for the betterment of health. One Read More

Morning Exercise Routine

Morning Exercise Routine

Morning Exercise Routine A morning exercise routine is something to be embraced, not dreaded or feared! Why then are so many of us unwilling or unable to do something that has proven health benefits, takes so little time to do, and which just makes us FEEL better? After all, chances are you already do that little arm stretch when you first get up in the morning – what do you think your body is trying to tell you?! Depending on Read More

Laughing during exercise session

Making Fitness Fun

Making Fitness Fun Making fitness fun is easy – you just have to start enjoying it! For some people, of course, it is not as simple as that, but that doesn’t mean that fitness can’t BECOME fun by altering how you approach it. Richie, the Internal Force Fitness mascot, has fun when he is exercising. Being a cartoon makes things a lot simpler, however – I literally just have to draw a smile on him, and presto chango = he’s Read More

Day One Fitness Mindset Getting Ready

Day One Fitness

Day One Fitness There will always be debate as to what the most ‘popular’ fitness program is at any one time, but to my mind, there will always be a clear winner: Day One Fitness. I’ll go into this concept a bit more in the text below, but it all starts with the correct mindset! What is Day One Fitness? Day One Fitness is simply that day that people decide to ‘have a go’ at getting fitter. It could be the Read More

Happy Exercise Jumping Jack

Fitness ABC: An Exercise to Make you Happy

An Exercise to Make you Happy The letter ‘H’ in the fitness ABC actually refers to Der Hampelmann which means ‘Jumping Jack.’ A real jumping jack, for those of you that might never have seen one, is the toy on the left of the image below. The arms and legs on the toy are connected by a string, and when you pull the string the arms and legs extend out. The verse that accompanied this image is (roughly) as follows: The jumping Read More