Beat Corona Home Workout

Beat Corona Home Workout

Beat Corona Home Workout comes to you via the Korea Sports Promotion Foundation, so a big shout out to them for putting it together. Whatever your personal feelings on the Corona 19 virus are, I hope we can all agree that it would be better not to get it! Or if we DO get it, that our bodies are strong enough to fight back against it. The 9 bodyweight exercises that make up the Beat Corona Home Workout are going to strengthen your entire body, which in turn will help you fight back against ALL the nasties that are floating around there – remember the NORMAL flu season is almost upon us (as if we needed that too!). So, let’s get to it:

Beat Corona Home Workout Part 1:

Beat Corona Home Workout Part 1

1: Burpees – 1 minute OR 10 repetitions. I know, I know, you HATE burpees! But they ARE a really good full-body exercise and will improve your fitness in all kinds of ways. As to how many, my translation said 10 sets of 1 minute! I’m gonna call a foul on that!! Yes, all it means is 10 sets of 1 minute worth of repetitions. In the beginning, you may only manage 3 per minute for the opening sets, and by the last set, you might only manage 1! I would suggest, however, doing that single set (or smallish number of repetitions) and if you really want to, do another set AFTER you’ve finished the whole routine. Working out by time rather than reps is an excellent way to take your mind off things, just set a timer and get into the zone! HERE is an excellent article from a lady who did 30 burpees for 15 days – and the rewarding results!

2: Walking in place – 1 minute OR 10 repetitions. Long term readers of this site will know all about my love of walking in place as an exercise. Much like simply standing up straight, it is one of the easiest things we can all do to maintain a reasonable amount of fitness. The thing to remember is, it is not STROLLING in place, it is not WANDERING in place. Walk like you mean it! LIFT your arms, LIFT your knees (waist height is fine – the lady in the image is going for it a little TOO much!), get a rhythm going! Walking in place is the first exercise in a number of the programs in our SHOP and I bet that you find it more difficult than you imagine!

While the image does not specify, a good way to complete this part of the workout would be to alternate sets; so burpees for 1 minute, then walk in place for 1 minute until you have done a few sets of each. Pop an interval timer on, then pop some music on – I promise it will get easier! If you wanted, given the whole body involvement of these two exercises, perform these on odd days and part 2 on even days. That way those 10 sets become much more achievable.

Beat Corona Home Workout Part 2:

Beat Corona Home Workout Part 2

3. Bridge – 15 repetitions – 10 Second hold. You’ll recognise this exercise too, and the easiest way to make sure you get the most out of it is to think of it as a “Hip Raise, Butt Squeeze”. Do both of those things and you’re doing the exercise correctly.

HERE is a really good article on the Bridge exercise.

Just a few of the benefits of this exercise:

  • Increases flexibility
  • Reduces knee and back pain
  • Strengthens your core, (including abs)
  • Firms waistline and obliques
  • Improves balance
  • Relieves back pain
  • Improves posture
  • Calms the mind and helps relieve stress
  • Stretches your neck, chest and spine.
  • Boosts mood, reduces anxiety and fatigue

Again, my translation asked for 15 repetitions and 10 sets which seems like a lot, even if it would only take a few minutes. When reading around on the Bridge exercise, you’ll probably see more recommendations that there should be an active movement (the lift) then a static hold. I agree. So to do it this way, I suggest interpreting the instructions as 15 repetitions, HOLDING the active stretch for 10 seconds each time.

4. Squats – 15 repetitions x 3 sets. Squats are good. There, I’ve said it. There aren’t many exercises that recruit so many muscles at the same time as the squat, and they are most definitely NOT just for bodybuilders! Aside from the multitude of other benefits, the squat is a “real world” exercise, i.e. they help you perform your day to day activities.

HERE is a great article on the squat.

With many of the same benefits as the Bridge, squatting will also:

  • Help build muscle and keep bones strong,
  • Maintain and improve joint health,
  • Improve flexibility and circulation.

15 repetitions and 3 sets is a good amount of bodyweight squats and IS achievable, trust me! Either leave a little bit of time in between sets and shake your legs and pace around a little, or alternate sets with the next exercise:

5. Lunges – 15 repetitions x 3 sets. Along with the squat, the lunge appears on most people’s “exercises you must do” list. As with the squat, this is because of the sheer amount of muscles that need to be engaged to perform the movement and the fact it is super functional.

HERE is a great article that has some excellent moving images to help you keep good form, and offer you a bit of variety if you start getting bored.

Because you’re alternating with the squats, these 6 sets will be over in no time…maybe apologise to your legs in advance, however!

6. Push-ups – 15 times x 3 sets. To start with you’re probably going to be getting tired by this point, and as your legs have already had a pretty good going over, there is NOTHING wrong with doing the press-ups on your knees as the lady is doing in the illustration.

Push-ups are a fast and effective exercise for building upper body strength.

All your push up questions answered HERE.

Rather than rest in between sets by flopping onto the ground, try just resting on your straight arms and controlling your breathing.

7. Good Morning – 15 times x 3 sets. Here’s one for the lower back and hamstrings. This exercise is one of Walter Camp’s Daily Dozen exercises, and SEEMS easy, but actually is quite tiring when done correctly.

Many sites will suggest using light weights (or even heavy weights), but there is nothing at all wrong with only doing this using your own bodyweight.

Read more HERE.

8. Dips – 15 times x 3 sets. Chair dips (or tricep dips) are pretty much the best exercise for the muscles on the backs of your arms. THESE are the muscles that give you true strength and power, so get cracking!

The muscles used and detailed instructions can be found HERE.

Alternate sets with the Good Mornings if you like, to save you some time.

9. Crunch cycle – 1-minute x 10 sets. The crunch cycle – or bicycle crunch – is considered by the American Council on Exercise to be the best abdominals exercise. Even if it had only made the top FIVE, it would have been worth looking at, but when it regularly hits the top spot (which it does), then you know it’s got something going for it.

The entire abdominal area AND the obliques (side muscles) are going to be hit by this exercise, so it’s probably as well you’re doing it last!

Info and modifications HERE.

I’m going to look into this routine more in the coming weeks*, but time is of the essence people – we all need to keep healthy!

*UPDATE: After some feedback from a reader about the excessive number of repetitions in the ‘official’ version, I have amended the article to hopefully make it more achievable, and therefore a bit more fun!